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Welcome to G. W. A. S.


GWAS was formed in 1988 by a small group of villagers who shared a passion for wine. In those days it was an excuse for friends to get together in the village hall and sample the fruits of their own labours. After a while however, and realising that thier wine making skills were not improving, one brave member (Haydn Williams) dared to suggest that they tried appreciating ‘off the shelf’ wines.


Wine tasting in GrandboroughNowadays, GWAS is a friendly, informal group of some 100 plus members and until recently was hosted by Bruce Townsend. In January 2013, Bruce handed the mantle over to Ian Johns.
The meetings are fun and informative. We normally sample 7 wines with a plentiful supply of bread and cheese.

We meet about 6 times a year, with different members organising each one.


Forthcoming meetings:


Friday 20th February 2015

GWASRod Hastie and friends present ‘Call My Bluff
Can you determine which of the presenters is correctly describing each wine?
7.30pm, Friday 20th February in Grandborough Village Hall.  9.00

Friday 17th April

Italy fromTop to Toe.  7.30pm at Grandborough Village Hall. 9.00 per person  


Friday 19th June

Grape varieties from around the world.
Six presenters will each present 3 wines of the same grape variety from a different part of the world.
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Saturday 8th August

Summer BBQ -  more details to follow shortly.
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Friday 2nd October

More details to follow shortly
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Friday 4th December 2015

Pre-Christmas special. Ian & Michelle are back with some more Christmas panto frivolity. More details to follow.
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